Advantages of Purchasing with Elite Developments

Elite communities feature single-detached homes and townhomes that support affordable lifestyles. They offer different options of housing styles within each development to suit different needs.
Elite offers affordable luxury living and a platform which strengthens community.

Elite offers incredible value to maximize the greatest returns on your investment.
Elite selects convenient locations which improves quality of life, within close proximity to education, transportation, amenities and conservation areas.
Elite team members become experts in the region they are developing, to fully understand and deliver on the needs of their homeowners.
Elite’s multiple “services” are all in-house, offering homeowners and investors the best value, while providing the best quality control of their product.

Elite focuses on health & wellness and current technologies. Featuring: smart-home tech packages, integrated disinfection mechanical systems, hands-free controls in common areas and luscious outdoor spaces.
Elite offers thoughtful amenities. Features such as a connectivity lounge, rooftop terrace with outdoor oasis, exercise paths, parks, outdoor gym, running tracks, courtyards, playgrounds, splash pads, sport fields, expanded parcel rooms and electric car-charging spots.

Elite understands that pets are very important and respects “four legged” family members. Elite offers custom design options for pets, convenient outdoor off-leash dog parks and pet spas.
Elite works with award-winning teams. They design desirable homes with exterior & interior layouts that are efficient and practical to maximize space.
Elite offers exceptional quality of standard features & finishes to complete your home. All colour packages have been custom curated by an interior designer.
When you purchase a home with Elite Developments, you are not just a client. You are welcomed into Elite’s family of building excellence.

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